The Experience API (xAPI), also known as the Tin Can API is an e-learning software specification that allows learning content and learning systems to speak to each other in a manner that records and tracks all types of learning experiences - wikipedia

# Integration with wiki

xAPI looks a good candidate to establish an open global standard for independent learning data. It lives in the restful, json-rpc centric world, and is fully on the standards track. Adoption may be slow, but it is growing continuously in a conservative market.

We can imagine creating a federation outpost that uses the experience api as a backend, and reveals reports and insights regarding the sort of independent learning that is going on within the federation.

# World Climate School

We are proposing recruiting developers to wiki around the use of federated wiki in a distributed p2p learning environment around climate change.

The plan is in early stages but has the following components: - Feb-April 2021 xAPI Cohort Hack

YOUTUBE lsYOzbOofd8 How to add SCORM, xAPI, and LRS Support to your WordPress LMS Website to deliver interactive content.

YOUTUBE TgZPJWpY79g xAPI Content on Moodle LMS - Upload and Track

# See also

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