World Climate School

The __World Climate School__ is an organization focusing on increasing climate change awareness around the world in an exponential way through a teach-the-teacher program, where participants go through a program of modules with information about climate change and other related challenges, the solutions and how to develop Climate Action Plans.

YOUTUBE K-lOmaPhe0o Founder Hans Jørgen Rasmussen - Presenting Module 3 World Climate School Pakistan

# Mission Statement

We are currenlty working with our partners to develop a WCS Mission Statement as a Living Document.

> To create exponential awareness and education about the enormous challenges we face as our species is destroying the viability of our Planet, what solutions are needed and how this can revitalize communities and habitats around the world.

Participants then gather new participants in their circle to go through this cycle to create new educators and activists.

In order to avoid collapse of our civilisation, we need a rapid raise in global awareness about this. Education is crucial if we shall succeed, and World Climate School is committed to be effective in this endeavour.

World Climate school based in Norway - [-]

# About Us The World Climate School was founded by Hans Joergen Rasmussen, Danish, born 1945, retired psychologist, after joined by Rob de Laet, Dutch, born 1956, retired entrepreneur and Inger-Mette Stenseth from Norway, climate activist and entrepreneur. In January 2021 David Bovill and David Rogers joined.