Learning Gardens

In order to keep this on a personal note, as to be as authentic as possible in my personal learning journey, I will share how I ended up "here".

As a student of Media & Communication in the early 90ies. It was working on a multimedia story on Kon-Tiki and THor Heyerdahl`s travels to Easter Islands source , when a friend called on me and asked me to type wwww for the first time. I understood like in an instant that these 3 letters of www would change the world and to connect all computers in a web and in this a way connecting all brains of the world to the same mega-computer-system. I had read about it, but never typed the www of the world wide web before. I will describe it as one of these Aureka moments in my life.

Since I was one of three at the multimedialab of USIT in Oslo together with Terje Norderhaug and Marius Watz , I was exposed to the more nerdy part of IT.

It happen to be that my friends in Oslo were the winners of the competition to rebuild the Ancient Library of Alexandria, Egypt - and the Hellenistic center of wisdom, arts, museion, and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Snøhetta Architects invited me to work on the multimedia story as a CD presentation. I did! beyond the static platform of a CDrom as it was framed at the time. I augmented my reality of content was king and connected myself with Brewster Kahle. The construction started in 1995, and I started my journey to travel to Egypt and to work on the iconic story of the Ancient Library of Alexandria. I called it for sure ALEXA!!!

I wish I had copies of my email correspondance with Brewster Kahle and the Director of library of Alexandria. In retrospective I understand very well that I was too fare away from California and not at all in an ecosystem with people understanding the commercial interest in the story of the Ancient Library of Alexandria. I am wondering if Brewster Kahle have copies of our email correspondance or if he even remember this in any way. I will find out!

The Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine connected to the Library of Alexandria, and Alexa Internet[11] was sold to Amazon.com in 1999. At the same time as he started Alexa, he founded the Internet Archive, which he continues to direct. In 2001, he implemented the Wayback Machine, which allows public access to the World Wide Web archive that the Internet Archive has been gathering since 1996. Wiki

I lost all ecosystem of relevant top domains related to Alexa and the Digital Ligthouse of ALexandria at time, and without any resources to sustain that path, I establhed 360hub Global in 2001 inspired by the circular shape of the very same library. Here you find a link back to 2001 for the 360hub site Wayback Archive

Thanks to Alexa and the Wayback ARchive, you can look at the state of thinking in 2001:

The opening event was in July 2002. Good intention. A Co-Op established in Stockholm, and way to early since nobody really understood the intention of having a distributed ownership as we today would call Open Source. I was very nerdy in reprogramming my Ericsson touch screen at the time, presenting the dancing icons of the projects I worked. WEll, not much cash is queen or money in the bank... I must express! It was more like a clash, of all efforts falling apart.

In synergies to this, I was part of the group in the late 1990ies that establised the Learning Network Norway as a distributed network( self-organized-fractal) of Society for Organizational Learning - SOL Global Community - coming out of the Sloan School of Managment and the network of Peter Senge & co.

I was presented to Steinar Brenden, who was the Norwegian coordinator and consultant in this Norwegian network. At the time he was of great support and we built our capacities on socital transformation, and co-created with SOL France the first conference in Europe in France and Norway. ( will get video up from the events) . Two supplementing concept:

Learning Garden, nature and web of life as our teacher

- Project House, co-working space

Part of what we do together in our distributed, global learing team of our Global Learning Gardens is to train and team up with different virtual collaborative teams. We are a central garden in this global village, where we bring forward our civic, global identity.

Its purpose was to engage Norway as nation dedicated to learing, beyond education. At the time we started to pilot "Learning Gardens" and the Manifesto of Naturally Wise / Naturlig Vis.

As we, as a global community, address the VUCA of COVID19 we address our method of agile learning with training and capacity building in the power resilience and speed - in teams and on a private level - as to bring forward societal transformation.