Learning Garden

A __learning garden__ is a mental picture of an idealised space for deep learning that incorporates the best ideas from the history of pedagogy, into the modern world through the appropriate use of technology. It uses the metaphor of a garden as its base image.

# Rigour It is designed to be effective in the martial arts sense, without sacrificing spiritual and intellectual rigour.

# Context There are many Learning Gardens, each can have it's own style and architecture.

DOT strict digraph rankdir=LR node [style=filled fillcolor=red penwidth=3 color=black] HERE NODE node [style=filled fillcolor=yellow] WHERE /^# Context/ LINKS NODE -> HERE node [style=filled fillcolor=lightblue] WHERE /^# Topics/ LINKS HERE -> NODE HERE NODE node [style=filled fillcolor=green] WHERE /^# Context/ LINKS NODE -> HERE HERE NODE node [style=filled fillcolor=green] STATIC strict digraph {rankdir=LR node [style=filled fillcolor=red penwidth=3 color=black] "Wiki Map" node [style=filled fillcolor=yellow] "Mapping the Federation" -> "Wiki Map" node [style=filled fillcolor=lightblue] "Wiki Map" -> "Markov blanket" "Wiki Map" -> "Context Map" "Markov blanket" node [style=filled fillcolor=green] "Context Map" node [style=filled fillcolor=green]}

Naturally - Naturally Wiser - nature is our classroom, as part of my Learning Journey with Nature Akademi Learning Lab.

I dedicated myself to roses and started planting roses in Molde. Moved back to Molde in 2001.