Gleaners are people who go out and forage for pieces of information, outside of the community. They recycle knowledge from a range of sources, making it their own.

More formally we may call these people Researchers.


Synonyms: garner, deduce, infer. The word dates from 1350-1400; Middle English glenen < Old French glener < Late Latin glennāre ≪ Celtic -

  1. to gather slowly and laboriously, bit by bit
  2. to gather (grain or the like) after the reapers or regular gatherers.
  3. to learn, discover, or find out, usually little by little or slowly

In The Book of Ruth in The Bible, Ruth meets her future husband when she asked permission to glean from his fields, which means follow the grain cutters, gathering the seed kernels that have fallen on the ground. For the very poor at this time, gleaning was often means of getting food.