Digital Nomadism and Learning

Digital Nomadism is an emerging trend amongst opinion leaders and young entrepreneurs. Digital Nomads make ideal teachers. We call these teachers Nomadic Teachers.

Nomadic Teachers are in touch with the latest technological trends, and as they travel from community to community, they are constantly picking up new skills and making new contacts.

The Viral Academy seeks to provide financial, and logistical support for digital nomads, in return for their role in structuring and running Viral Academy courses.

Nomadic Portfolio

As learning becomes more nomadic, and students pass through not just traditional learning institutions, but a range of online courses, it is inevitable that they will need to become more in charge of their own learning portfolio, and educational journey.

In the Viral Academy we are building this experience around the idea of Portable Linked Profiles and Open Badges to create a Nomadic Passport for teachers and learners alike.

To give this Digital P2P Passport a concrete form, we are looking to use Cryptography and learn from the history of nomadic apprentices as practised to this present day -

A Journeyman would be required to keep a journal or Wanderbuch. This would often serve as both passport and a resumé -