Course Structure

A course is a short series or cycle of collective learning events with a beginning, middle and end.

# Context - Climate Action

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# Topics Each course has the following structure: 1. Action Focus 1. Small Group work 1. Interdisciplinary Structure 1. Learner Led research groups 1. Conversational Pods 1. Flipped Methodology

# Time Banking *You get paid in doing Time Credits *that could be used for courses that we run

# How do you do mapping? • What actions can you do in your neighborhoods to reduce CO2 emissions?

# Onboarding: • Interviewing (for signing up Time Bank)

# Currency of Voz • You can take out a loan for courses that we offer*- in which people can do a video on discussing what it is that they can for the time banking currency* (an hour of committed works) • We record that video and it is in the Bank • *There are various opportunities on getting this on forward

# Economy • Around actions needed to run festival, to teach about climate action, climate change* - [ ] Create shared document into action steps - [ ] Copy to Wiki - [ ] Learn how to split into several pages - [ ] Familiarize myself with mark down - [ ] Create Help Page around sharing HackMD Documents