Autonomous School Zürich

This school is a project to fight against racism and injustice. It is also a meeting point, where you can get to know other people.

The school is interesting as it uses Openki software to allow the courses to be self-organised.

Address Sihlquai 125, 8005 Zürich

# About

The Autonomous School Zürich (ASZ) is a self-organized and a collective governed school. It is independent from the state. The school doesn’t work together with the state.

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It gets class material and financial assistance from private persons and organizations. It takes money from public organizations as long as its autonomy is respected.

All persons who are learning and working here are an important part of the school. All teachers are students too. All students are teachers also. There is no head (boss) in ASZ.

The work at ASZ is voluntarily and without salary. For the organization there is a secretarial job.

Important decisions are made once a month at the general meeting. There are different working groups (AG) which are doing different work at the school. Everybody is responsible to develop the school as a common place.

Personal ideas can be realized in ASZ. We are looking forward to your taking part in the school meetings, working groups (AG), in projects or with your own ideas at ASZ.

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