Agile Teachers

In the Outlandish Academy we use a modified version of Agile Project Management as our teaching philosophy and methodology

The Outlandish Academy has Agile Project Managers, not teachers

By this we mean our methodology is firmly rooted in the following assumptions: Teachers cannot possibly be experts in skills and subjects that are changing faster than teaching courses can possibly keep track.

The information is out there. Project based learning is an essential way to cope with information overload, and the skills needed in a modern workforce.

Using project based learning, we can use Agile Project Managment to direct and facilitate students learning the skills they need to deliver a project.

The Agile Project Manager does not need to be an "expert" imparting knowledge to "students" but a facilitator of group work. An agile manager works hard to find the information needed, and to remove blocks to learning. It is up to the student to learn, and acquire the skills.