Agile Learning

Thompson Morrison over at the The Dayton Experiment has been developing a practice and language around the concept of __agile learning__.

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Here we begin to explore his experience and compare it to the earlier series of experiments we undertook with the Outlandish Academy.

The first thing we notice is the focus on students, and the experience of students. For instance at the Outlandish Academy we focussed on Agile Teaching and the structure of the institutional design. In the Dayton Experiment the focus was on __Agile Learning__ and the experience of students in a more traditional classroom setting.

For us there were no teachers, no classrooms and there were no exams. We replaced these concepts with a simple pragmatic methodology designed to address questions of cost and scaleability. The thinking was deliberately mean spirited.

# First step

Our first step was to define the problem: - An Outlandish Problem

So our approach combined the elements of we can do this anyway (outside of mainstream education), and a very cynical approach to cost and paperwork with regard to institutional incentives - so: > How can we deliver the paperwork that educational establishments require at lower cost while giving us the freedom, time and resources required to do real teaching?

# Dayton definition

Agile Learning is the shared experience found in the Agile Paradigm.

At the core of Agile Learning is the concept of Learning Cycles.

This experience of accelerated learning creates Joyful Sandboxes as teams of committed people focus together to solve meaningful problems.

As we seek to reimagine education, we are guided by an Agile Learning Manifesto.

Once people have felt the exhilaration of this type of learning experience, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to return to the old way of learning and creating.

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